Day 132: Wet Washington

August 24, 2017: Hiked Miles 2166.5 to 2195.4 (28.9 total)

We woke up this morning to a cool misty morning.  It was beautiful. It looked like it was going to rain. Colton didn’t want to get out of bed.

I think he looks like an inchworn. Trying to inch his way farther and farther into his sleeping bag. But I’m a big meanie and wouldn’t let him hibernate all day. I’m too hungry to lay around in the morning. It’s a great motivator to get up. Plus it helps when your breakfast looks like this:

Smores mini bagels with peanut butter and Oreos thanks to Jamie. It almost rivaled Voodoo Doughnuts’ Oreo and peanut butter doughnut. Did I just invent the next best food thing?

Our morning climb was kept cool by this beautuful, misty Washington weather. 

I couldn’t have been happier. I love rain forests. For a couple days at least. I’ll probably be cursing them by the end of the week. 

And I really got to break in the new knee braces that Jamie sent me too.

Happy knees = happy Jenn.

We climbed up for a few miles and then of course the morning mist blew off and we were greeted with some sunny sights. 

Then we climbed right back down the other side of the mountain we just climbed up and the temperature significantly increased. We made it back down to 800 feet in elevation which is just ridiculous. We’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Mountains don’t crest at 800 feet last time I checked.  

But we did cross some pretty creeks and bridges so I guess that makes it ok.

And then we passed by this nice open field to get our two minutes of vitamin D for the day. 

And then dove back into the forest.

We took a break by a gravel road where a lady jogging ran past us. She looked so light and effortless cruising past carrying her one water bottle strapped to her hand compared to our heavy backpacks. Colton wanted up ask her if she would carry our backpacks up the hill for us. But I’m not giving my food away to anybody. 

We filled up with water at the last water source before we started a long, uphill ten mile climb. Surprisingly climbs seem to go by faster than descents and we quickly made it halfway up the hill where we found a flat spot near a road to stop and take a lunchbreak. We were sweating our butts off on the climb up and had enjoyed the occasional breeze to cool us off, but when we stopped for lunch in the shade, our soaking wet bodies were instantly chilled. Gotta love Washington. 

While we were eating, our friends Twigsie and Captain Ramen showed up and stopped to talk for awhile. We’ve been flip flopping with them for weeks now so it’s always fun to stop and talk with them. We learned that Twigsey doesn’t carry a cell phone with him or any kind of GPS. Probably the only hiker we’ve met who hasn’t. Pretty impressive. Or smart. Just make Captain Ramen do all the work. 

After lunch we hiked past this sign:

I’m not sure what an experimental forest is. Sounds like some sci-fi thing to me. Or The Hunger Games. As if we’re not already hungry enough. Hopefully no one tries any experimenting on us while we’re in here.

We popped out on a couple more ridges throughout the day and had some quick views. 

I think this is Mt. Adams:

And maybe Mt. Rainer?

And then we crossed by a quite comforting sight:

Please tell me this is not part of the experiment. 

The evening cooled off quickly and I was getting chilly by the time we rolled into camp around 7:30.

We found a trailhead area with tables and a pit toilet right next to a forest service road. Almost like a real campground. 

We ate dinner as it was getting dark and attempted to not eat all our snacks for dessert. Our appetites have been through the roof the past couple days. Now I’m convinced we’re part of The Hunger Games. Colton can even do the mockingjay whistle perfectly. Just a little creepy. 


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