Day 134: Trout Lake and Mt. Adams 

August 26, 2017: Hiked Miles 2226.5 to 2246.9 (20.4 total)

It was a cold morning and no one in camp wanted to get up and brave the chilly air. But we had somewhere to go so we pulled ourselves up and got going. My feet were definitely sore after our tough day yesterday and I was thankful that I would have a couple hours to let them relax before hiking today. 

We walked out to the road and ran into Catalyst, another hiker who we have seen on and off since northern California. Her parents had come up to resupply her so they were saying goodbye to her when we got to the road, so they offered us a ride into town. We had actually already met them because they had done a section of the trail with Catalyst and her brother on the Hat Creek Rim at the same time we were there. I love how this trail keeps everyone connected. 

They are the sweetest people and we had a great ride into town chatting with them about the trail. They dropped us off at the only store in town and even gave us some cheese and grapes. Awesome trail angels!

We found some outlets to charge our phones and quickly shopped. Luckily we still had some food leftover and only have three days until our next town so we didn’t have to shop for much. Which is good because little towns can be quite expensive. 

There was a trail angel who was shuttling hikers back and forth to the trail so we decided to wait for him. Colton joined the techies:

And I walked around the small town and found a little Saturday market with the most scrumptious looking food. 

I asked the lady selling the baked goods if the berries I saw yesterday were huckleberries and after showing her my picture of them, she confirmed they were. She said that this kind only grow within this small section of Washington near Trout Lake and somewhere in Montana. That’s why they’re so expensive. And how she was selling her huckleberry cinnamon rolls for $3.50 each. I was very tempted to buy one, but we’re trying to save money and I knew it wouldn’t be the best thing to eat before making the windy drive back up the hill. 

I walked back over to the general store and just then noticed how cool the front of the store is:

And this fun sign out front:

We sat and people watched until our ride showed up. 

Apparently dogs are allowed to drive in Trout Lake. 

Our ride showed up and we were pretty excited about our travel arrangements:

We had a fun ride back up the hill, minus the little bit of car sickness. 

At least we had lots of fresh air. And we drove right by a great view of Mt. Adams.

We thanked our driver at the trailhead and started yet another long, steep climb. After we popped out of the dense forest we had miles of gorgeous flowers to surround us. 

And many more views of Mt. Adams.

And if you look closely you can see both Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens in the distance. 

We were surprised how hot the day was. We had started to think Washington was going to be cold all the time. But now that we were out of the dark forest we were warm and happy. 

We stopped for a quick lunch at a stream and hiked on. 

We passed lots of lava rock fields. 

And had views of mountains for days:

And the most gorgeous green meadows. 

I can’t believe how green everything is here. 

Here’s another view of Rainer:

And here’s a cool new flower I stumbled upon:

We did a big loop from the south side of Mt. Adams all the way around to the northwest side and had some great views right underneath it the whole time. 

We passed the most gorgeous streams:

And towards the end of the day ended up back in the forest.

I spent the afternoon thinking about all the amazing trail magic I’ve received along the hike and how I can’t wait to pay it forward and do lots of trail magic of my own in futures years. I’ve already started planning all the meals I’m going to make. Any excuse to think about food…

We made it to our campsite for tonight by 6:45, an early night for us, and found a perfect spot to camp.

As I was changing into warmer clothes, I noticed how great my socks are looking. 

Good thing these awesome things come with a lifetime warranty.

It was so nice to get into camp early enough to have time to work on my blog before dinner and eat in the light so that now it is only 8:30 and I’m done with everything for the day and have time to read and get to bed early. I never thought there would come a time in my life where I would get excited about being in bed by 8:30 on a Saturday night with the only desire to read until I fall asleep. Oh I love this trail.


2 thoughts on “Day 134: Trout Lake and Mt. Adams 

  1. I just thought of a new saying. My favorite use to be “just do it”. Now I think it’s gonna be “Jenn can”. Kinda corny, I know. I am so gad I found your blogs.

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