Day 140: Snoqualmie Pass

September 1, 2017: Hiked Miles 2374.5 to 2395.0 (20.5 total)

We woke up today at 6:00 to a pleasent morning. We sat in a warm field full of flowers and ate our poptarts, trail mix, and I drank my coffee as we watched the sun start to peak through the trees. You don’t need much to make you smile out here. 

The morning stayed cool as we were in the trees most of the time. 

We hiked down to the bottom of a canyon and had a good view of the hill we were about to climb. 

Would you rather know what you are going to be climbing or just be surprised? I change my opinion on this matter daily.

On the way up we passed by lots of pretty flowers.  

Flowers always put a smile on my face. I smell all of them and am always so surprised when some of them have no smell. They’re so pretty, how do they not smell just as good? Can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe we just luck out in California having all the good smelling flowers. 

Towards the top of the pass we passed by Mirror Lake. 

Another gorgeous lake I would love to come back and spend some time at someday.

At the very top of our climb we came upon a small tackle box on the trail. We opened it up and found the best trail magic.

Seriously? Our faces lit up with the biggest smiles ever. 

These were not made for us at all. 

The rest of the trail down was quite rocky but we had lots of berries to pick along the way. And we finally emerged from the trees to some views. 

And then we hiked back into the trees one last time, because it wouldn’t be Washington if you weren’t walking through the forest every other second. 

And then eventually emerged onto the slopes of the Summit at Snoqualmie ski resort. Which of course was covered in grass and not snow. 

We walked down the slopes and looked up to the mountains we would be climbing later in the day. We could see the small town of Snoqualmie Pass below and walked underneath some cool old chairlifts.

When we popped out at the trailhead we were greeted with a magnificent sight.

More trail magic! That’s three days in a row. Washington rocks!

One of the hiker’s grandparents had came down from Seattle and brought a feast for us. 

Hot dogs, beer, chips, soda, cookies, candy, fruit, veggies, popcorn, donuts, and even smoked salmon!

I think that salmon was the most real food I’ve ate in weeks. It tasted amazing. 

All of our hiker friends were there and we even met some new ones. I had so much fun talking to some foreigners, trying to explain what a donut was to an Italian girl and the phenomenon of flavored popcorn to the Germans. I love the differences in culture. I also love the point we are at in our hike right now. We are with a great group of people, flip-flopping all the time so we’re getting to know them. Everyone is basically a serious hiker at this point and everyone is having fun. Know one cares who hiked from where or skipped what, we’re just all out here having a blast, enjoying our last few weeks of being hiker trash. And eating as much free food as possible. 

After our stomachs were stuffed, we made our way into town to pick up our boxes and buy a couple more groceries. Don’t you love how I refer to Top Ramen and instant mashed potatoes as groceries? I never would have thought even a year ago that either one of those would ever be on my grocery list or even worse, that I would be living off them!

Since the town doesn’t have a post office, the gas station/convenience store accepts hiker boxes. By accept, I mean they throw them all in an empty walk-in fridge that’s not being used and you get to sort through them to find yours.

There were so many just piled in every which way. It was hilarious. I can’t believe we found ours. But we did. New socks, granola, powdered milk, and coffee. Basically the best resupply package ever for a hiker. 

We bought gum and Gobstoppers at the gas station, obvious necessities, but they didn’t have Top Ramen or mashed potatoes so we ran down to the small grocery store for those. They also had a charging station and tables inside there so Colton got a Cherry Dr. Pepper and I got an iced green tea and we put our feet up, charged our electronics, and relaxed for a bit. I updated my blogs, we both downloaded some books, and escaped the afternoon heat.

We finally took off around 5:00 and headed back out to the trail. It took forever to get back out there because we kept running into more friends. I love when that happens. When a town is full of fellow hikers, it feels like we run the place, like we belong there, like it’s home. We’re always telling each other where to eat, shop, stay, etc, even to hikers we don’t know. It’s a great community of people and a great feeling of belonging. 

We finally got back out to the trail and started another climb. It was already getting late so we just went about four or so miles before stopping to camp for the night. We did have some great views on the way up though. 

We settled in, ate dinner, and relaxed. As much as I love the excitement of trail magic, town days, and seeing tons of other hikers, I also love our solitude at night in the woods, all alone, just the sounds of the forest, and us. A perfect balance of both worlds. Life is good. 


7 thoughts on “Day 140: Snoqualmie Pass

  1. I’m thinking your description of food is what makes your blogs great. Just kidding, it’s everything you say. And, cherry Dr Pepper? Never seen it. You are close to heaven.

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  2. Aah Jenn! Just love reading your Blogs and reflecting on your life the past 30 years. Can you believe that just six months ago you were the Paleo cook! Love your idea about eating your way through Italy. I’m in, if you can wait until at least June 2018!!!!! Anytime after that, I am game!

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  3. It’s funny how some things never change. You may have wondered how Snoqualmie got it’s name. Turns out there was a young Indian gal sitting under a tree very sad and depressed. Her friend asked her about her condition and what had happened to make her so sad. The young girl replied that her boyfriend was acting strange. Her Father disapproved of her boyfriend so she referred to him as “S” . She cried as she told her friend that “S” had not called her for days.
    “S” no qual me.The young girl was a very poor speller.

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