Day 143: Steven’s Pass

September 4, 2017: Hiked Miles 2447.3 to 2461.6 (14.3 total)

The morning started off well today. We slept great after another exhausting day yesterday. The weather was warm. I ate my poptarts, coffee, and trail mix for breakfast and Colton ate his granola with powdered milk. And then poured the rest of his mini Oreos into his leftover milk and invented a new kind of cereal. He said it was the best thing ever, so I had to try a spoonful. Way too sweet. And that’s saying a lot coming from me. Too sweet for breakfast anyways. 

The smoke had really banked in overnight and I had a sore throat all morning. Which doesn’t help much when you start the morning off huffing and puffing up hills. 

After a steep climb to start off the day, we had a steep descent with a pretty lake to look at on the way down. 

And some neat mountains to look at too.

Of course we can only look up for about one second at a time otherwise we will probably end up rolling down the hill instead of walking down it. But I suppose it would be faster.

We walked by lots of pretty lakes throughout the morning. 

And even a toilet. 

A toilet out here? Apparently. It was just a wooden box. I’m sure you don’t want a picture of a box of poo, so I spared you the details. 

We went up and down one steep hill after another all morning. My legs were on fire. 

But we finally ended up underneath the ski lifts at Steven’s Pass and knew the end was in sight. 

One more steep hill up the slopes and then we knew we were at the top when we saw this guy:

Up and over the top and then it was all downhill to the lodge. 

They keep part of the lodge and one of the lifts open in the summer for mountain bikers so there were a good mix of hikers and bikers milling around.

Finally, we’re not the only dirty, stinky ones. Ok, we were still worse, that will never change. 

The lodge was so cool with all kinds of life-size boardgames set up outside. 

We contemplated playing, but I had zero energy to do anything besides sit and stretch. 

Colton’s cousin, Derek, picked us up at the lodge and drove us back to their home in Wenatchee.

We couldn’t believe how much warmer it was down in the valley and how much more the smoke had banked in. We were going to stop in the interesting, Bavarian style-town of Leavenworth, but it was absolutely packed with tourists. We couldn’t even find a parking spot. I had forgot it was a holiday today. So we decided to skip it and head home. 

We took a much needed shower when we got there. Hot water never felt so good. This stretch of the trail left us covered in layers of dirt and it felt so good to watch it wash away. Of course it took multiple tries at scrubbing to get it all off.

We snacked and lounged around with Derek, Kathleen, his wife, and their two daughters, Ana and Amelia, and I took full advantage of their foam rollers to use on my legs. It felt amazing. 

They cooked us an amazing dinner that filled every one of our fantasies. 

So much real food! We didn’t know what to do. So of course we rounded out all our healthy dinner with some sugary dessert. 

Can’t say no to ice cream and brownies. 

Now it’s 10:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open. And we get to sleep in, or at least try to, in the morning and have a whole day off from hiking. Life is good. 


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