Day 145: Pear Lake

September 6, 2017: Hiked Miles 2461.6 to 2480.2 (18.6 total)

It’s a miracle, I slept in until 7:00 today. It felt amazing. My body definitely needed it. 

We packed up our packs which are fully loaded down with five days of food, which feels amazing. Not. 

Derek and Kathleen made us an amazing breakfast.

Mmm, all the fresh fruit. I have to refrain myself from eating as much fruit as I want, since my body is not used to eating much fiber at the moment, and that can cause some not so pleasent stomach issues. I think I attacked my body enough yesterday with that huge salad and Mexican food. I’ll give it a break today.

We said goodbye to Kathleen and the girls, and Derek drove us back up to the trailhead. We had such a fun time with them in our short time there and can’t wait to come back and see them again… and meet the new baby who is due in a few weeks! 

The air was still ridiculously smokey, although it is a little better up in the mountains than it is in the valley. 

Derek said the level was at 280 this morning and normal level is around 20. Nothing like some good air quality to aid our mountain climbing.

Our packs felt heavy, but our legs felt rested, and I felt more energized from all the extra calories we consumed in the past couple days. Colton probably could have skipped all his meals today and still been okay from all the food he ate yesterday, but of course he still brought a food bag that weighs about 100 pounds.

We hiked up and down, up and down, and had the clearest view of the day when we came to this pretty little valley.

And then we passed by Lake Valhalla, which Derek had shown us pictures of from when he hiked there last summer.

It looked a little smokier today compared to his pictures. But the water still looked deep and clear and like it would be a great lake to swim in.

We pushed on until almost 3:00 before we stopped for lunch in a nice grassy clearing. We were starving of course by this point so we got to work on trying to consume some of our pack weight. Thanks to Derek and Kathleen, we had some new yummy snacks:

This is probably the healthiest thing we’ve ate on the trail so far.

And these were some of the yummiest:

Skippy peanut butter balls. So good. For some reason they almost tasted a little like coffee to me too. I must be going crazy finally. 

And then Colton got to work on his napping he’s been missing out on the past couple days.

When we were watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night, we were talking about how nice it would be to have someone like Mantis to put you to sleep with one touch. Colton obviously would have little use for her.

I took off before Colton after lunch and had a very relaxing, quiet afternoon hike.

The trail is so green and pretty here and I kept popping out in gorgeous meadows. 

I think we would have had some great views if it wasn’t smokey, but that’s ok. It was still a pretty day. 

The sun kept trying to poke through the haze and it gave the sky a cool moddled effect.

But it never could break through, just kept shining like the great fireball in the sky that it is.

I can’t believe how many chipmunks, birds, and rock chucks there are up here. The bushes rustle non-stop as I walk by and I get to watch chipmunks chase each other up and down trees all day. I feel like I’m living in a fairytale.

We ended our day at Pear Lake. There were already at least 15 other hikers camped there, but we managed to find a place. 

I ran down to the lake, considered jumping in, but changed my mind when the wind whipped my sweaty t-shirt against my back and instantly chilled me. Unfortunately, it’s only hot when we’re hiking. Once you stop, the Washington chill starts to set in pretty quickly. 

There are thousands of huckleberry bushes surrounding the lake. Best snack of all! We ate dinner, our awesome Mountain House meals, courtesy of Derek and Kathleen and got inside the tent a little after 8:00, just as it was really getting dark. It’s nice to get into camp early and we’ve decided that since we can’t pick our resupply box up until Monday morning in Stehekin, we’re going to take our time in this next section and do a little bit shorter days. The end is near, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the last days of life as hiker trash!


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