Day 146: The Never-ending Haze

September 7, 2017: Hiked Miles 2480.2 to 2504.2 (24.0 total)

I think I slept a good nine hours last night. I didn’t think it was possible. My mind and body feel great. 

We woke up to another smokey morning. Morning looks the same as evening. The temperature feels the same. If it didn’t get dark, I think we would be in a perpetual end-of-the-world fog.

I forgot yesterday that I had packed out a banana so I ate it for breakfast along with some huckleberries and my poptarts and coffee.

Perfect combo.

As we started hiking, Colton and I got in a big fight and he decided to smash one of his trekking poles against a rock and broke it in half. I think the trail is starting to wear on us. Spending almost five months with the same person, all day, every day can do that to you.

The morning was pretty uneventful. We climbed up and down hills like always. We crossed lots of pretty little streams. After a few hours of hiking and a long climb, we stopped for a snack break on top of a hill. I know we would have had an incredible view if if wasn’t for the smoke. 

It’s starting to get a little frustrating, knowing we’re missing out on some incredible views in probably one of the prettiest sections of the trail, but what are you gonna do? Can’t change it, so might as well forget about it and enjoy what we have. At least we still have lots of pretty, green meadows and hillsides to look at.

And this gorgeous lake we walked right by the banks of.

The one good thing about all this smoke is the random rich, smell of burning wood I get throughout the day. It doesn’t smell like ash, just a rich, amazing fireplace smell. I love it.

We found a little stream about 15 miles into our day and stopped for a lunch break. Here’s my daily lunch at the moment:

Salami, cheese, goldfish, tortilla wrap. And lot of snacks of course. Not too bad. If only I had some lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Oh man, that sure would be tasty.

While we were eating lunch we heard some loud noises of something crashing through the bushes and out popped this guy:

She stared at us for awhile before finally deciding the berries were a better lunch than whatever we had and moved on.

Colton wasn’t too happy to get his nap interrupted: 

After lunch we had a really nice afternoon. We spent most of it hiking out in the open, on ridgetops and hillsides. Even with all the smoke, it was still really enjoyable.

I came across a new kind of bug I haven’t seen before. It’s like a cross between a grasshopper and a beetle.

There were both green and brown ones and they were all over the trail.

And I found a cool plant/flower that looked really pretty when it blew in the wind:

We could see snow on the surrounding mountains and the air was a lot cooler as we went up in elevation. 

I think that’s snow through the smoke out there:

We had a lot of steep climbing today, but it was made all worth it by being out in the open. 

We could see the sun trying to peek through and birds soaring overhead and everything was so perfect. Conditions might not always be ideal, so you have to make your own kind of perfect. 

We climbed until we crested our last ridge and could look down on the valley below that we would spend the next few miles walking through to finish our day. 

We came across one of our friends laying on the ground, not looking too good. He thinks he drank some bad water. He uses a UV light to shine on his water to filter it, which I guess has worked… up until now. The trail always makes you work… right up to the very end. Especially until the very end.

We finished our day at the very early time of 5:50. It feels so good to be done early and know we’ll be in the tent before dark and get lots of sleep. Unfortunately, where we chose to camp is covered in grass, no dirt to be seen. 

And since we’re right next to a creek, we will probably have a chilly night and wake up covered in dew. Oh well, there are worse things I suppose. 

We stretched a lot, filtered water, I had time to work on my blog before dinner. Easy livin’. We ate our other Mountain House meals for dinner. We both had Chicken Teriyaki, my favorite. Almost tastes like real food. And that got us talking about food, of course. Colton is craving his favorite thing in the world, Panda Express, and pizza. I’m craving everything I haven’t had in months: sushi, Thai food, and pho. I wonder if anyone makes dehydrated pho. That seems like it would be so easy. I’m gonna have to find out. 

Now it’s 7:30 and we’re already snuggled up in our sleeping bags. It’s already getting chilly and dewy so I think it will be an early night for us. I could get used to this.


3 thoughts on “Day 146: The Never-ending Haze

  1. That “cool plant/flower” is called a Western Anemone. Those hairs are the seeds, I believe. The plant flowers in July, but I’ve only been up in the Cascades in August so I’ve never seen what those beautiful high meadows look like when the anemones are all in full bloom.

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  2. We have the same food favorites. Love all 3. You’ll have to come to the desert for the best pho ever…..and my favorite sushi place. I like the Thai I get in Spfd better than the desert tho.

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