Day 149: Stehekin

September 10, 2017: Hiked Miles 2554.5 to 2569.4 (14.9 total)

Before I went to bed last night, I got out of the tent to pee and it was so pitch dark from the forest and the fog that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. But when I woke up again at 3:45, I could see light even from inside the tent. And it had definitely warmed up. Thank goodness. When we got up at 6:00, the storm had passed and we were greeted with the first clear skies we have seen in days. 

Of course all our clothes were still soaked. Putting on wet socks and shoes brought back some great memories from the Sierras. 

We started hiking and I was practically running down the trail trying to warm up. We had some incredible views of the mountains that we had no idea we were camping in due to the intense fog layer.

Eventually we did warm up as the sun started to peek over the mountains to creep through holes in the trees. We flew down the mountain. The thought of real food is a great motivator. We warmed up enough to peel off our wet clothes and enjoy the sunny morning. 

We passed over some gorgeous creeks.

And even got to see a ton of salmon spawning.

We made it down to High Pass by noon and only had to wait a few minutes before the shuttle into the little town of Stehekin showed up, the only way into town. It was nice to not have to hitchhike for once. I felt like I was on a ride in Disneyland.

We’re a little sheltered, can you tell? 

The shuttle stops for a few minutes on the way in at the bakery where we loaded up on some much needed food and sweets.

The cinnamon roll was amazing and Colton said the pizza and apple pie were too.

The shuttle eventually dropped us off in the tiny little town of Stehekin. Stehekin has a total population of about 80 people, with a huge influx of tourists and hikers in the summer. The only way in other than hiking is by ferry boat. The town sits on the west end of Lake Chelan. It was obvious to see why it is such a popular tourist destination.

We needed some real food too so we grabbed some seats outdoors at the only restaurant in town, The Lodge, and enjoyed a much needed meal as we sat on the porch overlooking the lake.

    We were definitely happy campers after that.

    We grabbed a couple groceries from the store and I even found some socks in the hiker box that fit me, which is good because my only hiking pair have holes in the heel and are starting to blister my feet with all the sliding that’s occurring by wearing wet shoes all day.

    We sat outside enjoying the sunny day until a family friend, Nancy, picked us up. Nancy and Mike live here in Stehekin so they have offered to let us stay at their house for a night.

    Nancy drove us back to their gorgeous property, right on the river and set us up in their little converted room in their garage to stay for the night.

    It was just what I imagined a cabin in the woods would look like. We showered, started laundry, made ourselves at home, and then I just sat inside our cute cabin and drank some tea, the most relaxed I have been in weeks. I think I could stay here forever.

    We spent the afternoon exploring their property, all the structures on it, Mike had built himself.

    Mike and Nancy treated us to a perfect all-American dinner and answered all our questions about this amazing little piece of paradise they live in.

    They had an event planned already for the evening so they left us to their house and we enjoyed a relaxing evening, watching football, enjoying having a couch to sit on, and demolishing the rest of our giant cinnamon roll.

    It’s been such a great day, I’m not ready to leave this cool little town, but we also only have four more days until we reach the Canadian border. This will be our last stop before we hit the border so we’re going to enjoy a great night of sleep in our comfy bed in our cool little cabin.


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