Day 155: Relaxing in Washington

September 16, 2017: Hiked zero miles! Ran about 3

I think my body is so used to sleeping on the ground now, it doesn’t know what to do when it finds itself in an actual bed. I must be sleeping deeper because I couldn’t fall asleep for forever last night and woke up ridiculously early, feeling wide awake. It’s going to be hard to wear myself out as much as the trail does. But since I was wide awake, I took advantage of the early morning and decided to go for a run so hopefully I can sleep a little more tonight. 

It was a beautiful morning.

The sky was turning amazing colors. Everyone was still asleep. I had the roads to myself. Along with the crowing roosters and horses in the fields eating their hay.

I love running anywhere new, but it was really a treat to run through the beautiful farmlands of Washington. The air was brisk and I felt energized and happy to move quickly and effortlessly. The run felt good, although I have to say, I did miss having my trekking poles when I decided to run up a steep hill.

After my run I took full advantage of Brandee’s espresso machine. She even had pumpkin sauce for my coffee. I might never leave this house. 

I went a little crazy on the amazingness of real coffee and was bouncing off the walls all morning with all the caffeine I consumed. 

Colton and I sat outside and enjoyed watching the morning come alive from the comfort of a couch on the patio with lots of blankets to keep us warm and the thought of being able to relax all day and not have anywhere to go.

You can tell someone got some good sleep.

I worked on updating my blogs all morning. After all the caffeine it was hard to sit still, but I was determined to update the last two weeks of the trail before I did anything else. 

I finished by noon and Brandee made us another thing I have been craving… French dips.

Complete with grilled onions and melted cheese. It’s like she can read our minds. 

It was amazing. But between all the meat, cheese, fruit, sugar, and coffee I consumed, my stomach went a little crazy and both Colton and I had to relax on the couch for a few hours to give our bodies a rest. I feel like we are so hungry right now and everything we want to eat is not settling very well. Ugh, so frusterating. At least we had college football to ease our pain.

We finally felt better after a few hours and it’s a good thing, because I was starting to go stir-crazy from being inside all day. Colton’s other aunt and uncle, who live close by, invited us to come out on their new boat on the ocean.

We drove out to the marina, enjoying the beautiful countryside on the way.

Amy and Kevin met us at the marina with their two young girls and took us out for an evening cruise through the bay and around some of the San Juan islands. 

It was an amazing night on the water. The salt water spraying on our faces, the smokey air making for a pretty sunset, and great company to share the evening with. 

We even saw some sea otters:

Can you see him?

We watched the sun sink into the horizon and enjoyed our quick little boat ride. 

After docking the boat back in the marina, we went to La Conner Brewery and enjoyed a nice dinner.

It was packed, but we found a place outside and all enjoyed brick oven pizzas. Mine was bbq chicken and it was amazing. Gone so fast, I forgot to even take a picture. 

After dinner we said goodbye to Kevin, Amy, and the girls, and thanked them for a great evening and headed back to Brandee’s house. All the boys were asleep, but we visited with her for a bit before crashing out as well.


5 thoughts on “Day 155: Relaxing in Washington

  1. I might have commented earlier this year that your PCT blog was the blue ribbon winner (I’ve read a lot), and as you get closer to completing your epic journey, I want to reiterate how much we appreciate the effort that it took to stay on top of the reporting – the writing was eloquent, and the pictures were really beautiful. Sorry about all the smoke around Glacier Peak. You did all the work, without the views, but really looking forward to you completing the Siearras! Thank you very much letting us come along.

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  2. I have been avidly following your blog all summer and I just want to say congrats on an epic journey. You both are inspiring and the pics and your writing were so immersive. Thank you for sharing an adventure of a lifetime with all of us!

    Liked by 1 person

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