Day 156: Driving Sucks 

September 17, 2017: Hiked Zero Miles. Ran a few

Once again, another early morning wake up. I think I’m just so used to hiking all day that my body doesn’t know how to sleep if it doesn’t get that insane amount of activity. But I enjoyed just having a bed to lay in and being warm and watching the sky slowly lighten up outside. When it was finally light enough to see outside, I went on another run. It was much more overcast today compared to yesterday, but it was the perfect running weather. Cool and quiet. Just how I like it.

Colton and I made eggs for breakfast. It felt weird to cook after not having done it in so long. But eating real food was definitely welcoming.

The morning cleared up a bit. I’m gonna miss waking up in the country like I have these past couple days.

We played some basketball with the boys which was fun. I haven’t played in forever and forgot how much fun shooting hoops is.

Brandee drove us down to Seattle so that we can start making our way back to California. Unfortunately my body is not used to anything besides walking all day, especially sitting in a car for long periods of time. I was feeling pretty carsick by the time we got there and was glad to get out in the cool air. But then we had to hop straight on a bus that didn’t help my stomach feel much better.

I pretty much stared out the window the whole time to avoid getting sick. I finally felt a little better after eating a couple bananas and a protein bar and was glad to get off the bus and back outside again when we got to Portland. Colton’s brother, Dylan picked us up there and drove us back to his home in Eugene. My naseau went away for a bit, but then came back after being on the road for awhile. I must be allergic to being inside or something.

I was so thankful to finally make it to Eugene and get off the road. Of course we were starving by this point so we grabbed some food and headed back to Dylan’s house to relax. I’m trying to figure out what food won’t upset my stomach that isn’t trail food. I figured a chicken salad and fries might be ok.

McDonald’s… nothing like the best.

It didn’t upset my stomach too much, but still didn’t make me feel great. I really might just have to live off poptarts and top ramen for awhile.

We relaxed at Dylan’s house for awhile and after attempting to watch tv for like an hour I got fed up and Colton and I went for a walk. We’re so used to hiking all day, that I am getting really antsy and bored just sitting around. Especially when it is in front of a tv. We were watching the show, The Walking Dead, which I know is a very popular show, and I think I even watched the first season or two a while ago and enjoyed it. But after spending five months hiking, tv seems like such a waste of time to me now. Especially pointless drama shows. I’m actually glad I feel that way. I think being outdoors for so long has helped us to realize what is and isn’t important in life and my brain and body are telling me that they didn’t miss tv very much.

So we went for a nice little walk around Eugene instead. I felt much better after getting outside and getting some fresh air. Eugene has a pretty big homeless population and we passed a lot of tent camps along the creek we walked by. It was weird to see tents, knowing they’re not PCTers.

We made it back to Dylan’s apartment and he treated us to a night at the movies. We went and saw the new horror movie, It. I saw the original back in high school, which seemed scary at the time. I don’t know if that was because I was young, or if it actually is scary. But the remake was not very scary. All the jumpy parts were pretty predictable. It was still a decent movie, but not a great horror.

We didn’t get home until around 11:00, waaaay past our bedtime. I still wasn’t feeling so great from all the foreign food today and the nausea from the car rides so I took a hot shower and went straight to bed. My stomach pain made it hard to sleep, but eventually I dozed off. Hopefully this food will start digesting a little better. I really don’t think it would be too healthy to live off top ramen and instant potatoes for the rest of my life.


7 thoughts on “Day 156: Driving Sucks 

  1. Sorry that your reentry back to what we call normal is being distasteful to your palate. I agree with so many of your thoughts. I can only wonder how the freshness, grit and simplicity of the PCT can be captured in a daily life. I’m too out of shape and too old to venture this in my life but I am overjoyed for the uplift your adventure and blog has given me. You commented once that it would be a good idea for those in congress to hike the PCT. That was brilliant but I suppose too many are like me, old and out of shape. Maybe they should just read some blogs. Hope you feel your trail normal soon.

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  2. I’m glad that you both completed your journey. I’m catching up on your blog. I hope you feel better and get back to a sense of normalcy. It was fun hanging in Cascade Locks.

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  3. It makes sense that there would be a variety of ways you have to adjust to “normal” life (what does that mean, anyway?!) off the trail. I never considered that your gut would be part of the struggle. I hope you get back to feeling better soon. I watch very little tv, and it has been that way for a lot of years.

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  4. You two are athletes like a fine tuned sports car. I would humbly submit that you should continue your running and eliminate all sugar. On the trail you would burn up the Oreo and caramel burritos quickly but now it becomes lethal . Run Jenn Run ! We just returned from the High Sierra Trail and we were astounded that you were hiking so many miles each day. We were wiped out after 4 hours in a day. Maybe we should change our diets to your trail diet.

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