Day 157: Going Back, Back to Cali, Cali

September 18, 2017: Hiked zero miles, ran about three, walked a few more

I slept another fitful sixish hours last night. But I woke up wide awake and felt great. Not complaining. The sky outside was a little overcast, but it looked like the rain from the night before had let up, so I threw on my shorts, shoes, beanie, and gloves and took off on another glorious morning run. Eugene has a pretty temperate climate, perfect for running. I got drizzled on a bit during the run, but it felt good, like a cleanse, and I was warm and happy to be out and moving.PART_1505847034820_Resized_20170918_080258

I saw a lot of happy people on my run. I love smiling and saying good morning to everyone I see when I run. People commuting to work on their bikes, dogwalkers, bums. It doesn’t matter. It really makes my day to start my morning off with so many smiles and friendly hellos from people, and I hope that my smiles help start their day off well too.

After my run and a quick shower and stretch, Dylan took us to rendezvous with my dad, who had drove up from Redding the night before to help us get back home. Of course I was starving so he stopped at the store before we got out of town so that we could get some donuts, bananas, and Starbucks drinks and wraps. He was laughing, saying it seems like all we do is eat. I feel like we hardly ever eat! But our breakfast filled us up and didn’t hurt our tummies and we got on the road.

We had a great drive back home. The backseat of his truck was full so we all sat up front and I didn’t get carsick! We pretty much talked the whole way and the drive flew by. It was really fun to get to share our experiences with my dad, telling him about all the emotional parts of the trail and what we would change if we did it again. He has been really instrumental in trying to turn our hometown of Burney into a more hiker-friendly town this summer and we swapped ideas about that we think would help get more hikers there to bring more business to the community and make hikers feel welcome and really want to come into town.

We got back into town a little after 2:00 and he dropped us off at Colton’s parents’ house, by which point we were of course starving again, so we enjoyed having a kitchen and full fridge to actually make a meal for ourselves.PART_1505847042240_Resized_20170918_150223 I was craving some veggies and a sandwich and Colton devoured an entire box of Mac-n-Cheese, something he has been craving for awhile.

The veggies and all the cheese were a little bit much for our innocent stomachs so we took Colton’s dog Smokey for a walk to get out of the house, enjoy the nice fall day, and help our food digest. PART_1505847048648_Resized_20170918_154405(0)

We took him down to Burney Creek where he proceeded to jump in the freezing cold water and then roll around in the dirt. Silly dog. We picked up as much trash as we could carry along the way. We always pick up all the trash we find along the trail and now it’s just ingrained in our habits to do so. There is a lot more trash around here than on the trail, but every little bit helps.

We stopped by my mom’s house on the way home and both she and my youngest brother, Robert, were there so we stayed for a bit to say hi and catch them up on all our latest adventures and for my brother to tell us all about his latest adventures. He’s a professional cliff diver and video editor so I think his adventures are a little more exciting. If you want to see some crazy cliff jumping, search for Robert Wall on YouTube.

We walked back to Colton’s parents’ house and said hi to his parents and sister, Francie, and Colton helped his dad stack some wood and then my mom and brother joined us and we had a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and gravy, sausage, pork roast, brussel sprouts, rolls, beer, wine, and pumpkin pie.IMG_6935 It was great. Our stomachs held up fairly well, still a little crampy, but I think we’re slowly starting to adjust better.

It was great to have an evening with so much family and we talked and laughed for hours. Finally my mom and brother walked home and the rest of us stayed up and walked the first episode of the new Netflix show, Fire Chasers, about California firefighters. Since Colton and I have both previously worked as firefighters and his dad is currently a fire chief, we definitely have a vested interest in the show, especially because it highlights Cal Fire, the organization we have all worked for.

By the time the show ended, we were all exhausted and hit the hay. It feels good to lay in a familiar bed. Maybe I will get more than six hours of sleep tonight!


5 thoughts on “Day 157: Going Back, Back to Cali, Cali

  1. Your dad appears to be an athlete also. There was a photo of him you posted a few weeks ago.
    How about a run to Shingletown? That should feel real good but hurry the snows are returning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My dad is my running inspiration. He signed me up for my first fun run when I was 7. Only 2 miles. I took off in a sprint and thought I was gonna die. But I didn’t give up and we are both still avid runners today. Such a great bond


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