Day 158: Bummin’ in Burney

September 19, 2017: Hiked zero miles, ran a few, walked a few

I think I slept until like 7:30 this morning. It’s a miracle. Best sleep I have had in days. I want to keep my legs strong on these days off and keep my body used to doing cardio activity so I have been running every day. But it was a whopping 44 degree when I woke up so I decided to do a little workout inside. It kicked my butt. In a good way. Then Colton and I stacked a bunch of firewood for his dad.

 It felt great to use different muscles than the ones we have been using hiking.

After stacking a bunch of wood we made breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing morning inside. Colton watched Star Wars and I drank tea and caught up on my blog. And paying my truck registration. Dang. Back in the real world already. But we spent the day relaxing and eating, and enjoying doing whatever the heck he wanted to do.

We took both of our parents’ dogs for a walk in the beautiful fall weather.

And then we played basketball and catch with the football. It felt great to be outside and spend time being active and doing something other than hiking. I felt like a little kid again, like I had just got home from school and was playing with my best friend without a care in the world. The trail has a way of showing you what is important in life and reminding you how to have fun and make the most of everyday and to know it’s sometimes ok to kick back and act like a kid again. Maybe more than sometimes.

My dad called and asked if we wanted to join him on a trail run. Colton’s feet have been sore, so he declined, but I jumped at any chance to move and spend some time with my family.

We went out to Burney Falls State Park and did a quick few miles through the forest. We ran right on the PCT for some of it and even saw a couple PCT hikers! It’s so weird to be on the opposite side of the spectrum now. I didn’t recognize them, probably because they were south-bounders, but I said hi and gave them a big encouraging smile. They looked cold and tired, so hopefully it helped.

After the run, I went back to Colton’s parents’ house and took a long hot shower. Being on the trail, I never really missed being able to take showers everyday, but I sure do enjoy them more now. I could stand under that hot water for hours, thinking about all the freezing days we had, and how incredible the invention of instant, hot, unlimited water is.

I finally pulled myself out of the shower and we relaxed and watched a cool show on the History Channel called Forged in Fire.

I know I ranted about TV, but this show is actually pretty neat. It’s a competition show like Chopped, except the competitors are competing in making different kinds of swords and knives in a short amount of time. The skills they have are unbelievable. After finishing the trail, I hope to spend more time learning new skills and trying out new hobbies. Maybe become a blacksmith?

Jeanine made tacos for dinner. Yummy. We couldn’t get enough. Jim said it’s lucky we have been hiking the trail, otherwise we would probably weigh another 50 pounds the way we eat. Probably true.

Then we watched some more of our new favorite show and Colton had to have some more pumpkin pie for dessert.

He’s really trying to pack the pounds back on, can you tell?

It has been so great to spend all this time with our families. You never realize how important things are until you don’t have them anymore, and spending so much time away from our families has really made us appreciate them so much and all that they do for us. They all went out of their way so much to help give us long rides, feed, and house us along our journey and were so willing to drop what they were doing to help us out. We both are really blessed to have such amazing families, especially living on the West Coast. So many hikers we met, not only didn’t get to see their families for the entire trail, but didn’t have any connections along the way, and didn’t get nearly enough help as we did. We are so thankful and can’t wait to hopefully return all the favors we have received.


6 thoughts on “Day 158: Bummin’ in Burney

  1. You are bringing back Burney memories of the high schooler cutting our lawn. He was busy then as now so we thought we needed an older guy with a business to mow while Colton had a lot of high school commitments. We thought it was a good idea to free him. Now we know he is a multitasker and could have done it all. Hindsight comes late. Glad you both know the value of families. Yours are the greatest. Sorry about his sore feet. Still loving your blog.

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  2. As a gentleman, I realize that it is both impertinent and impolite to ask a lady about her weight (and age), but I’m still curious. Perhaps it would work if I phrased it correctly: What percentage of body weight did you lose during the hike? I’ve read that some people lose 30% or more on the PCT, as it is nearly impossible to make up the calorie deficit when hiking those 20-plus mile days. Hmmm… I think I might still be in trouble. Maybe it would be safer if I asked Colton. 🙂

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    1. Colton list 27 pounds. I didn’t weigh myself before or after buy would guess I lost maybe 10. I think we both lost a lost of body fat. Guys usually get really skinny and girls usually get more muscular


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