Day 160: Volleyball and Family Time

September 21, 2017: Hiked zero miles, ran four, walked three

We woke up to a beautiful, cool fall morning in Redding. Redding doesn’t usually get much of a fall season. It normally is blistering hot until the end of October when it starts raining. So we get really excited to have real fall weather. And I get even more excited, because it’s the perfect running weather.

Colton came with me and we went to one of our favorite running spots. Our whole bodies were so sore after our workout yesterday so we started off a little slow, but soon got into our rhythm and really enjoyed being able to run together. No matter how sore my body feels, it always feels better after a run. Best way to start the morning.

After our nice run, we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast and stretched a ton. Gotta get rid of these sore muscles somehow. We packed up our stuff and our groceries and took off to run a few errands in town. It’s so nice to wear different clothes and be able to drive.

We headed back up to Burney so that we could watch Francie’s volleyball game tonight and had another gorgeous drive up into the mountains.PART_1506099155998_Resized_20170921_132950Resized_20170921_140006

First things first when we got to Burney… food. Thank goodness for parents with fridges full of leftovers. Resized_20170921_142855

And of course Colton had to finish off the last of his Panda Express.

We took Smokey for a walk and then headed over to the high school. Right when I walked in the gym I could smell that distinct gym smell and it brought back a flood of memories from years of high school sports.

We watched Francie kick butt in her volleyball game and had fun catching up with lots of friends.


Here she is about to get an ace:




It was so fun to be back in the high school that we both spent so many years in, seeing that not much has changed. Although, they did finally get the mascot outside the entrance repainted:

After the game, we all headed over to my mom’s house where we had an amazing dinner with her, my brother, and Colton’s whole family. Porkchops, potatoes, bread, squash, and apple crisp. Yum. It was another fun evening sharing stories and laughing with our families. These are memories that I will cherish forever and I am so happy that we have this opportunity to spend so much valuable time with them. We might have to start making some meals for them soon too. Hope they like top ramen!


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