Day 161: Trail Magic and Football

September 22, 2017: Hiked zero miles! Walked a few.

Another beautiful, freezing cold Burney morning to wake up to. I feel like we have completely missed fall and went straight to winter. Which is pretty funny since today is the first official day of fall. And to make it feel even more like winter, Colton woke up with a sore throat and not feeling too well. I forced him to go back to bed. He will need his strength and health in top condition before we go back to finish off the freezing Sierras. We are trying to get back down to the Sierras as soon as possible to finish off the little section we have down there, but with the snow they got this week, the road on Sonora pass, where we are planning on starting our hike from, closed down. The weather is supposed to warm up over the next couple days, so we are hoping it will open soon. But not much we can do until then besides wait it out.

I woke up with a ton of energy, but decided to stay inside instead of go for a run since it was a whopping 24 degrees outside. I did a quick little butt-kicking workout in the living room and sweated like crazy and did a little yoga and stretching afterwards. What a great way to start the morning off.

After a super hot shower, I made breakfast, updated my blog, and enjoyed the relaxing good life.

Resized_20170922_095635Trying to put as much carbs in my body as possible. And enjoying every bite.

My tea had a nice inspirational message for me this morning:

Resized_20170922_111831This is so the perfect quote for almost every PCT hiker. Definitely didn’t meet too many boring people out there. Ridiculous, yes, in the most amazing way.

I spent the morning trying to customize my blog. I had to upgrade my plan for my blog because I guess I ran out of storage capacity. Apparently I upload a lot of pictures. Who me? No… So when I upgraded my blog, it allowed me to have my own domain, add ad-words to my site to potentially make money off of ads, and also forced me to change the theme. So that is why it looks a little different. I am not exactly super-tech savvy, so I apologize for any disruptions or confusion this may have caused you readers. I am gonna try and spend some time making it as reader-friendly as possible. But the good thing is, with my new domain, my blog address is now just instead of So, less for you guys to type! Don’t worry though, if you type in the wordpress address, it will still direct you to the same website.

Anyways, enough about stupid computer stuff. You didn’t come here to read about that. I finally had had enough of sitting around inside and we took Smokey and Sparty for a walk down to the creek. I love dogs. These ones crack me up. They might be a couple of the oldest dogs in this town, but they still act like little puppies. They kept us pretty entertained.



We stopped my my mom’s house after the walk to sit in her hot tub. Gotta keep those muscles loose! It felt amazing. And then I was starving again so I raided her super-healthy fridge and cabinets and managed to make myself a yummy salad.


It tasted great, but my stomach still is not loving veggies yet. So annoying.

We went back over to Colton’s parents’ house and hung out with them and his mom told us that she had seen a PCT hiker post on the Burney Trail Angels Facebook page about looking for a ride from Burney to Old Station today to get back out to the trail. She asked us if we could take her and of course we were more than willing. After all the rides and help we received this year, I am more than happy and willing to repay the favor any way I can.

On the way to pick up the hiker, we came across a gang of deer in the road.


Can you see anything different about one of them?

We had heard throughout the day through the rumor mill in Burney that there was a deer running around town with a pair of pink shoes stuck in his antlers. And sure enough, it was him.


Only in Burney.

We laughed and laughed and tried to get some good pictures, but eventually they all ran away.

We picked up the hiker, Pony Express, at Safeway and drove her back out to Old Station. She’s from Australia and I was instantly reminded of life on the trail from hearing the foreign accent. She told us all about her journey on the trail this summer and how she had decided to hitch into Burney early from Old Station so that she could go to the post office before it closed for the weekend to pick up her bounce box which had her cold weather gear in it. After getting snowed on a couple nights before, she knew this was a necessity. She skipped up to Washington at one point and hiked south to be able to hit the border before Washington got socked in with snow, so we must have passed her somewhere along the way when we were hiking north in Washington. Such a small world. She is now hiking north again and she said the trail is so lonely down here at the moment. She said she rarely sees another hiker. Crazy.

We had an awesome chat with her and dropped her off in Old Station. She had previously worked in the TV industry in Australia before she came out to do the trail so she is going to be putting together a documentary about the trail once she finishes. I can’t wait to see it.

After we dropped her off, we headed back to Burney and went to the high school to watch the football game. It was great to see even more familiar people there and support our local team. Once again it brought back a flood of memories that I haven’t thought about in years.



It was so stinking cold at the game. I thought we were used to cold weather, but by halftime of the varsity game, we couldn’t hang any longer. We can handle cold weather if we’re hiking or wrapped up in our warm sleeping bags, but anything else, and we turn into big babies. I called my brother at my mom’s house and asked him to crank up the temperature in the hot tub and we got over there as fast as possible. Even the initial burn of the hot water felt amazing and I sat in there until every inch of my body was sweating. We finally pulled ourselves out before we turned into prunes and went inside to hang out with my brother for a bit before heading back to Colton’s parents’ house to crash out. We are both exhausted and I think relaxing in the hot tub is going to put us right to sleep.


One thought on “Day 161: Trail Magic and Football

  1. The End. I am going to read one day (161, 162 and so on) a day, to make your journey last. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your story, and pictures, and feel sad that it’s almost over.

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