Day 162: Football and Fires

September 23, 2017: Hiked zero miles, ran four 

Another cold morning. Another great run. Colton still wasn’t feeling too well so he slept in. After breakfast and another relaxing morning we took the dogs for another walk.

We saw this cool little library in front of someone’s house on our way:

We sat in my mom’s hot tub, hoping to kick Colton’s cold out of his system. Both our mom’s swear by essential oils so we took their advice and Colton tried putting some oregano oil on his throat. Except we didn’t know that it’s supposed to be diluted first. He put a drop in the back of his throat and then spent the next five minutes coughing and trying to drink anything he could to get the burn to go away. Whoops. 

We went back to Colton’s parents’ house and ate some lunch and watched college football. I thought my stomach could handle some simple eggs, sausage, brussel sprouts, and a croissant, but of course it hurt my stomach, like everything is lately. 

I can’t wait for my body to readjust. 

Jim had made the first fire of the season inside and it felt great to be so warm and toasty. 

I took a mental snapshot of the fire so that when we’re freezing our butts off in the Sierras in a few days we can hopefully remember this amazing feeling and pretend it’s real. 

Colton took full advantage of a comfy house. 

And then we stacked the rest of the firewood in the shed for Jim and enjoyed the nice warm afternoon and played basketball with Francie. 

We had burgers and salad for dinner and some amazing brownies and ice cream for dessert and spent the rest of the evening watching the Oregon Ducks football game. 

And drinking some Hexagenia, our favorite beer from the brewery I used to work at. 

We’re hoping Colton wakes up feeling better tomorrow so we can head back down to the Sierras now that Sonora Pass is open again and finish our last few days on the PCT for this year!


One thought on “Day 162: Football and Fires

  1. For the love of God tell the skinny man to stop eating sugar. Sugar compromises the immune system. On the trail you can get along but around people you are subjected to everything they carry. Sugar equals sick.

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