The Real After Life

November 7, 2017

While hiking the PCT this summer, I had this idea that when I got back home I was going to love having time to relax and finally sit still for awhile. I was so excited about being able to spend countless hours sitting in front of my computer, sipping tea, adding and editing entries to my blog with hopes of connecting with more people regarding the trail. I had plans to sit down and turn my journey into a book to share our adventures with more of the world. But after spending five months hiking, on my feet all day, spending every minute working towards a goal, the last thing I could do when I got home was sit down. I would stare at my computer, type a few paragraphs, and then get up and find something else to do. It seems that my body doesn’t know how to stop go-mode anymore.

I am lucky enough to be able to work on my feet and stay busy at my job at the taphouse and starting soon at a new job at Costco. But even in my free time, I can’t sit still. So instead of being upset by this, I have instead resorted to doing two things that I love that keep me on my feet… running and cooking. My love of running never faded on the trail and my trail legs have enabled me to jump right back into running long distances…to the point that I am actually contemplating doing a marathon in a couple months. And my love of cooking has not only helped to keep our house smelling amazing, but also help Colton start to gain some of his lost pounds so that you can all stop worrying about him and he can stop pretending he’s a starving POW. He loves these cinnamon sugar pumpkin muffins and I haven’t even told him yet that they’re healthy for him.

Someday I will write that book, but for now I am listening to my body and hopefully working towards another goal of mine that I’ve had for a long time and fueling all those long runs with lots of yummy, mostly healthy, holiday treats. 

Here’s the link to those awesome little muffins if you wanna make some

And I really do promise to do a gear post soon. Even if I have to write it while I’m running!


8 thoughts on “The Real After Life

  1. You promise to do a great post? You have already done that, a thousand times over. Sounds like your adapting very well to post PCT, listening to your body and your mind.
    I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see you posted, again. You are a great inspiration to others, and I am sure you will write that book, when the right time comes.
    Because of you, I have spent the last four Sundays volunteering on the pct, doing tread work and clearing brush, and will be there again next Sunday. The volunteers I’ve been working with are real troopers, working hard, maintaining the PCT to keep it in good condition. There is lots to be done.
    Thank you again for another great post. I love reading your words, and your thoughts.
    Your biggest fan

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  2. I love reading your blog entries. I like to cook and bake as well as hike. Thanks for leading me to a great web site with wonderful and healthy desert recipes. What a find. What is Colton up to these days? I shop at Costco here in Salem, Oregon. That will be a good job for you. Yes I am also waiting for your and Colton’s PCT gear lists. I will be patient. The holidays are here and you will be busy.

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    1. Yea, Costco if fun! Super busy and I get to walk and run around the whole time, perfect! Colton is working for a local city department, so things are working out well!


  3. Jenn, I’m happy to find this post in my mailbox. Glad you and Colton are figuring out life, post-trail. Things happen in their own time and that book and future blog posts will be there when you are ready to write them. We will look forward to it.

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